Wow. What a shocker of a week. I put my back out, got a fever, and got stomach cramps so bad I couldn’t eat. I found out I’m losing my brother (also my night-time carer) for a little while. And I also found out that alkaline water is a farce.

It all started last week when mum needed the kitchen table and her study to do her books. This left me with no computer desk, so I worked at a cupboard instead. Two days of a bad posture pinched a nerve. Sleeping on it, stretching it, seeing the chiro, none of these seemed to fix it.

Then a fever hit, leaving me bedridden for three days. Couldn’t eat, couldn’t read, couldn’t watch TV, couldn’t handle bright light, couldn’t meditate, couldn’t walk, couldn’t do anything.

After the fever was gone, my hunger pangs returned. But the pinched nerve in my back, had gotten worse during my feverish spell, and the tentacles of tension had spread to my digestive organs. Whenever I ate anything, my stomach seized up. It was as if someone had made a voodoo doll of me and they were going nuts on my stomach with an icepick.

So I had juices and vegetable broth instead. Amazingly, I didn’t lose any more weight, but I was still constantly hungry – and very grumpy because of it. Also couldn’t concentrate on cancer research as food was all I could think about it. Slowly I progressed to ‘baby food’, that is, stuff I didn’t have to chew. And slowly I regained my strength so that I could even walk a few laps of the backyard.  With my belly full, I was able to concentrate on research again.

All I managed to do is read a few photocopied handouts, but one of those was very interesting. It was an article on alkaline water, saying that it’s not the panacea we’ve been lead to believe. Artificially-alkalised water, that is, water that’s been through an electrolysis process, and has a very unnaturally high pH of say 9, is not good for you. However, water that is only slightly alkaline, and made so because of the alkaline minerals contained in it, is good for you. Not because of the pH, 7.5 is not much different from 7. It’s good for you because the minerals in it are good for you, minerals like magnesium and calcium.

I was panicking for a bit before I read the article, thinking the Prill Beads I bought were a waste of time. Now I realise they’re still okay. Being magnesium oxide beads, they are contain magnesium minerals. So the water that the beads will sit in, will be naturally alkaline and naturally higher in minerals. Phew.

Then I found out my brother is leaving the state for a few weeks for his work. I’ve been relying on his help nearly every night to get me dinner, fill up my thermos and hot water bottle, and get me to bed. Without him, things would be harder. Then, as luck would have it, my dad is now coming for 12 months as of Monday. He’s arranged 12 months leave-without-pay from his job in Sydney, to help me out here in Perth. The timing simply couldn’t have been better. I’m simply swapping one family member for another. Gotta love having a big family to fall back on.

Sure I’ve had some rotten luck this week on the health front. But apparently a fever is a good sign. It means you’re detoxing and you’re healthy, as chronically ill people aren’t supposed to be able to get fevers. The tense back/stomach is just a sign that I need to slow down. So now I’m winding back down to first gear. As for the contradictions on alkaline water, that’s just one of many that I’ve come across in my research. Certainly keeps you on your toes this stuff. Slowly but surely, I’m learning – from books, the internet, and other cancer experts, but mostly from my own mistakes. I’m never using a cupboard for a computer desk ever again.

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