Not-So-Terrible Twos

Everyone in the family is pretty healthy again now. Except for two people; my brother (got a cold) and my mum (still run down after two months’ caring for me full-time months while working six days a week). Luckily, the burden on mum has eased somewhat.  After a bit of moving last week, I now have two homes, two backyards, two wardrobes, two home offices, two organic larders, two primary carers, and two families with which to eat family dinners. I added a second cancer-specialist GP to my medical team. I also started unpacking suitcases for the second time since arriving in Perth; the removalists delivered all my stuff from Melbourne (packed and organised by Matt, thank you).

Now that I live with my Dad and grandparents during the week, and my Mum on weekends and during school holidays, I feel less guilty knowing that the burden of looking after me is being shared. I feel more appreciative of my two homes, their similarities and their differences. When you live in the same home, day-in, day-out, never leaving to go to work, you start taking it for granted. It’s also nice to have a change of scenery, as between the doctors and my study desk, I don’t really get out too much.

I love having two carers also. If Dad or Mum were suddenly to get sick, the other can fill in. It’s funny, my folks divorced 12 years ago, but the ’custody arrangements’ are just starting to happen now.

Unpacking for the second time is fun. I’ve got more jeans finally, so I don’t have to live in trackies all the time. My parents don’t have to do my laundry so religiously either, as I only flew over with a week’s worth of underwear. And now that spring is just around the corner, I’ve got more suitable attire. Winter woollens on sunny days don’t exactly go hand-in-hand.

My second GP seems to be right on the money. He’s really into diet, supplements, exercise and reducing stress. He ordered a really thorough blood test and nutritionally speaking, I’m in pretty good shape. So that’s good news. He’s also started giving me intravenous Vitamin C therapy once a week. My first shot was at 5pm and I had so much energy, I couldn’t sleep til 1am! He also gave me a lot of homework to do. Because of that, I didn’t have much of a weekend, what with that and unpacking.

It seems every health practitioner I see gives me homework; the chiro, the physio, the OT, the Ayurvedic practitioner, the doctors – TCM and otherwise – and others. It’s great because I learn new things. However, it’s also frustrating in that it sidetracks me from doing my own research on Stage 4 cancer treatments.

It’s been two months now since I got that six-months-to-live diagnosis, and I am moving a lot more slowly on choosing a treatment than I had hoped. Still, what I’ve learned in the meantime has stopped me from rushing into anything foolish. I’m also much more informed and in a better place to make the right decision.

This week is my last week of meeting new doctors and getting yet more advice and more homework. Not only am I over the homework, it’s also getting to the point where too many cooks spoil the broth. So, next week I hope to DO something about those fast-growing liver tumours. Last CT measured the largest at 5cm (compared to 4cm the month before) and that was two months ago. Still, my leg hair grows faster than that. So things can’t be too bad!

5 thoughts on “Not-So-Terrible Twos

  1. Mayumi Watanabe

    Do you remember me? This is Makoto’s sister.
    I met you at Makoto’s wedding about 10 years ago!?
    My English is not so good, but I am going to read your blog in Japan.
    I can’t say good words for you, but we are thinking of you and your family.
    Please remember only it.
    with Love from Japan

  2. Makoto Akutsu

    Hi Aislinn
    I sincerely respect what you say. That is very splendid. By reading your message, I reconsider my values and my view of life.
    I remember you and your family. My stay was quite a short time; however, I am very glad I can meet you in my life.
    I will send you lots of thoughts from Japan.

    your friend,

  3. aislinn Post author

    Hi Mayumi and Makoto,
    Of course I remember you Mayumi. I will never forget being chased around the Swan River foreshore by Makoto as a little kid. Such good memories! Thank you both for your kind words.
    Big hugs – Aislinn

  4. Lacey Teh

    Hey Aislinn,

    Matt told us about your blog a couple of weeks ago and we were blown away by your amazing, honest, and courageous story. Thanks for sharing this with us, we often wonder how you are going and send our love and best wishes.

    It sounds as though you have all the bases covered with your health practicioners and alternative methods. You are fighting the hardest fight and doing it so eloquently and with such courage, keep up the great work. I am in awe of your writing and your strength! It’s great that you are with your family and it’s sounding like they are doing an amazing job as your support team.

    We are in Vietnam at the moment living here in HCMC until at least December – maybe longer. I want to send you a package and need your address in Perth. (Matt can email it to James or myself) Also do you want anything special from Vietnam…? A pomelo or 2!!

    Even though we aren’t there with you, we are sending all our love, white light and support. And if there is anything we can do please let us know xx

    Lots of Love and cuddles
    Lace, James and Teddy xxxooo

  5. Nat Brunovs

    Thinking of you – a lot.
    If you ever feel up for a visit – I’ll be most happy to come over and yarn about raw eating and you can meet Oscar my ‘therapy dog’! xo
    love to you x Nat

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