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Relief at last! I was thoroughly over treatment research, constant packing and moving and traveling constantly to doctors’ appointments. So last week I made some big decisions. As a result, I can now chill out a bit more – mentally, physically and emotionally speaking.

I am now living permanently with my dad and grandparents, Monday to Sunday. I used to pack half a day Friday and half a day Sunday. It was very draining and gave me less time to focus on treatments. Also, mum gets the break she needs to regain her strength, so everybody wins!

I’ve cut back on my doctors’ appointments, keeping just the essential ones. This reduces my stress and means less car travel which I also find draining. It also gives me more time to concentrate on my new treatment. Speaking of which, I’ve finally decided on a course of action; the Bill Henderson Protocol.

The pros are many:

•    Fast working

•    Gentle and non-invasive

•    Won’t cause much tumour swelling

•    Feeds the healthy cells as well as killing the cancer cells

•    It comes with the best expert on this treatment in the world – phone and email support from Bill Henderson himself (based in the U.S.)

•    It’s recommended by the Cancer Support Association of WA

•    It comes with many positive testimonials

•    It’s not going to cost the earth (compared to the 50K we spent on sodium bicarb therapy)

•    It’s not pharmaceutical-based

•    It’s based on an age-old, tried and true, proven cancer cure called The Budwig Diet

•    The Budwig Diet, with other supplements, is the No. 1 recommended treatment for liver cancer (on

•    The same diet with supplements is the No. 2 recommended treatment for breast cancer (on

•    The Budwig Diet part replaces two meals a day (thank goodness, the Ayurvedic Diet I’m on is hard work)

•    It comes with its own testing method that doesn’t expose me to unnecessary radiation

•    Bill Henderson reckons I should see results in 3 months and that I have a 90-95% chance of success, provided I do everything in the Protocol and also deal with the three main causes of the cancer – diet (98% there), unresolved emotional issues (yet to address this), and dental problems i.e. wisdom teeth extraction infections, mercury almalgam fillings, root canals etc (yet to address this)

•    It won’t require me to drive to a clinic as I can do it myself at home

The cons are few:

•    There’s no guarantee that it’ll work, but even chemo doesn’t come with  guarantees

•    I have to digest a lot of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil mixed together

•    I have to digest a lot of supplements

•    Some side effects, but these are small and indicate the treatment’s working
So, have I started yet? Unfortunately not. I have a little bit more homework to do:

•    Buy the supplements

•    Buy some emotional cleansing books and test kits

•    Look up oil/cheese wholesalers

•    Buy stick blender to mix oil/cheese

•    Look up shrinks/Journey Practitioners/German New Medicine practitioners

•    Talk to Bill Henderson for initial consult

We’ve finally got the wireless internet up and running at my grandparents’ house. Big relief. Previously, three of us were sharing my grandma’s computer with one-port modem. (Thank you grandma and grandad, for letting us monopolise your computer, and your car, to get to all the doctor’s appointments.)

It’s also nice to feel settled. I’ve made the all-important decisions, now I just have to run with them. If I drank anything stronger than San Pellegrino, I’d proprose a toast. Cheers – to everyone who helped me get this far. You know who you are. Couldn’t have done it without you!

6 thoughts on “Decisions Decisions

  1. David Ponce de Leon

    Dear Aislinn:

    I’ve just read your story on the CB Blog. Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to attend the auction as I will be on holidays with my family. But I’m doing anything I can to get as many people to participate with artwork, bids etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you require anything. You are one strong cookie and I have only but love and respect for you, big hugs and good luck with the protocol,


    David Ponce de Leon (Colombian Dave)

  2. Kimmie Neidhardt

    Hey Ais
    Not sure if you remember me, I sat in the pod behind you at BMF while you and Donna freelanced there…
    Just wanted to say how inspiring your blog is. Your positive attitude is what will see you through this F^*#wit of a disease…
    I’ll be rounding up as many people as i can to join me in bidding at the auction…
    stay strong!

  3. Anthony Knight

    Hey Aislinn,
    You may remember us from the MJB&B days (your dark retail past) – there’s Scot Griffin, Jenny Richardson, Ian Acott and myself at Workhouse nowadays. We’d love to help – just let us know how!

    Our thoughts are with you.

    Anthony Knight

  4. Kate Blackadder

    hey beautiful Ais,

    Long time no speak, Donna’s been keeping me up to date and told me to check out your blog. You’re never far from my thoughts and I am still astounded by your bravery and strength. Just got Don’s invite to FundAislinn so am going to speak to all the clever people at work and beyond and try and get some pieces for the auction.

    take care lovely, keep writing and i’ll keep sending you all my best thoughts and vibes and wishes x katieb

  5. Sarah T

    Hey Ais, another exMJB&Ber here weighing in, sending you strong positive thoughts and wishes. I’m waiting for your auction, bidding from Sydney and letting friends know so we can all do our bit. Your strength and positivity are impressive to say the least, and your writing… wow. Keep fighting the good fight and know that you are surrounded by love, Sarah T x

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