Well, it’s a month to my birthday, and it looked like it’d be a fairly quiet affair. I hadn’t celebrated it with my family for seven years, or my THai ex-pat friends for years, so it’d be special in that way. But considering it’d be my 30th, it wasn’t anything to get too excited about.

Then I found out my wonderful Melbourne friends were organising an event, the night before my birthday, called FundrAislinn. It’d be a silent art auction, complete with MC, birthday cake and possibly live music, and all funds raised would go towards my treatment costs.

If anyone was leaving their twenties with a bang, it’d be me. Over 50 contributions have been received to FundrAislinn – verbally at this stage – including some quite famous names. All my Melbourne friends would be attending, and all my friends in various states would be contributing – either with art, by bidding, or spreading the word to art collector friends.

It looked to be a pretty fun night. Better still, I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about not attending. I’m pretty weak these days, and just not up to leaving the house at night. Nor would I feel jealous of the cake eating – something in which I could not partake . My diet is too strict!

Life is precious, and a birthday celebration marks its importance. Not only is my birthday being celebrated in style, Fundraislinn will help fund the costs of buying more time. To everyone involved in this event – the organisers, the gallery venue, the PR people, the artistic contributers and the bidders – I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is going to be the BEST birthday present ever!

I also hope this event inspires other cancer patients with lateral ways to raise money. In these economic times, all charities are facing a hard slog. For more information on how I did it, or rather, how my friends did it for me, see

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