I found myself in hospital for no other reason than constipation. It all started a month ago; indigestion pain, reduced appetite, no appetite, no thirst, psyllium husks, aloe vera, castor oil, enema, I tried them all, But after nine days of being stuck, straight to emergency for me.

In emergency, I was diagnosed with solid bowel blockages under my rib cage, which could only be removed with saline drips and MOVICOL. My calcium was very high, nearly 6, compared to the healthy level of under 2.65. A week later it returned to 2.48. High calcium can also cause constipation.

My liver function tests were all over the shop. Because it was enlarged, it was putting pressure on the stomach, bile ducts and intestinal organs. Again, the calcium levels dropping helped this improve. I took some electrolytes and other meds, some quite unpleasant – but if you put one over ice with a little fruit juice, give it a stir – it almost passed for a martini.

Got jabbed a fair bit with needles for daily calcium tests, blood sugar tests, saline drips, and also rose stems. But all in all, I’m not feeling too bad now. Eating three meals, something I couldn’t do weeks ago. There have been other high points too.

So many wonderful comments on my blog. Lots of gorgeous contributions to FundrAislinn – creative, PR and keen bidders. Heaps of beautiful parcels and cards in the mail from WA, ADL, VIC, Vietnam, Japan, and USA.  Countless gifts in hospital too – flowers, oil burning, videos, fruit, a doll and more – plus the lovely visitors who brought them. Thank you, one and all.

Yes it’s been a tough week. But with the help pf the Silver Chain nurses, I am home now and getting stronger. The aim is to eat, shower and pass bowels regularly.  I’m rolling again, and I want to stay rolling.

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  1. Ben

    hey Ais,

    So does that mean you can open the bowling this weekend for the Subiaco first XI?

    Hang in their champ. Hoping to bring Leila-Jean, Clark and Anita over sometime soon for a visit.

    All’s well in Juc and you know you are more than welcome to come over for a piggy back ride to the beach again, I know you could have walked you just wanted me to look the fool.

    take care friend

    Ben x

  2. Renee and Ross

    Hi Ais,

    We’ve been thinking about you and reading your blog regularly.

    I finally managed to get my hands on a copy of the latest Big Issue with your article in it too. I arranged a date with the Big Issue seller but he was a no show. Understandable though cause it was pouring with rain at the time. A few weeks later I bought another issue and asked the seller if on the odd chance he had a back issue. He had 2 in fact, one with the cover signed by a heap of radio big wigs, which he was adamant about holding onto until he could make more money on it one day. He was willing to part with the other, thankfully.

    You are a true gem. I admire your Zen-like persona. I haven’t been back to meditation pretty much since the last time I went with you. Now that Ross and I are living closer to Freo, it will be much easier. I don’t really have an excuse!

    Take care.

    Lots of Love
    Renee and Ross

  3. Monique

    Hi Aislinn,
    I saw your article in the paper and I felt so moved and strengthened by your story. I had a rare nerve cancer in my leg when I was 27 ( I am now 42years old) and went through 3 years of surgery, chemo and all the physical problems that go with it as you mention. I put off surgery for a month (to remove the tumour) to do a macrobiotic diet so my mind would be clear and was told I was killing myself. I was also told full recovery was fifty/fifty, that I would lose mobility over time and need a leg brace and that I would probably never have kids after chemo. Well I am here at 42 happier than ever, more mobile with daily tai chi and regular meditation and I have a beautiful 7 year old boy.
    I wish you all the best and really admire what you are giving to people with your courage and determination.
    sending you lots of loving, healing thoughts

  4. Joanna

    Hi Aislinn,

    Just read your bog (have been meanin to for ages!) and was so glad to hear you are rolling along now after your stop in hospital. Wishing I could make your Art auction but I am living and working in Sydney at the moment but will be putting a bid in online!

    Sending you all my love and hope to see you soon!
    Joanna xxx

  5. Grant & Emily

    Well Hello Miss Aislinn.

    Must say I’ve been loving reading your well written and insightful Blogs.

    I’ve been compelled to respond before but I’m glad I waited till this blog entry to respond.

    Nothing better in the world than having perfect bowl movements. One of life’s undervalued treasures. Not sure I would want as many needles, pokes and prodding as you seem to be getting to guarantee it though.

    Anyway enough about you lets talk about me.

    I have taken procrastination to new levels. Levels so high that I don’t think there is a word that would label my efforts aptly. Maybe I should invent one…like UBERCRASTINATION but I probably wouldn’t get around to it.

    One thing I’m not CRASTINATING on in any way shape or form is only eating plants. Thanks to you scaring the bejesus out of us on my birthday last year with the ‘China Study’ … We are now almost at a full year of vegeginism

    (VEGEGINISM- Is someone who says they are vegan but will eat cheese when drunk or when they think no one is looking)

    We are also fully back into the exercising and the music is slowly creeping back into our lives. In fact we should have a new website up soon with Pauls art, donna’s photos and our new music. we just need some amazing journalist type person to write some A- Grade Blurb.

    Good to hear you are rolling again, because I will accept nothing less than full recovery and a hasty move back to Melbourne (though I could be talked into remission if you are offering!).All this cancer business needs to stop. I need you here in Melbourne.
    I miss having you to talk too at social engagements when everybody else is too drunk to make any kind of salient point (outside of drooling that is!)
    I also miss having an A-grade journalist to write A-grade blurb for website.

    But mostly Aislinn I just miss having you around.

    Anyway I’ll hand the CPU over to Emily and I’ll speak to you again soon.

    Love you to little bits

    Ranty Pants


    Hey ais – grant always does this to me – he’s all funny, and witty and full of vegetarian jokes and every one laughs at revels in his clever ranty-ness and then he hands over to me! The pressure! Well, I have other gifts hey 🙂

    Anyway, speaking of gifts – I too have been reading your blog and am suitably filled with awe and admiration at not only your unwavering positivity in the face of your battle with the big “c” – but your undeniable writing panache. Girl – you have a real future in journalism in front of you!

    It’s just fantastic how you’re sharing your talent and your story with everyone.

    You’re such a light to the rest of us Ais. When we’re getting bogged down in our trivial nonsense, you’re there showing us how it’s done – Ais style! and with such grace and humility and beauty.

    I remember when we first met you on the lawns of the sidney myer music bowl with donna and paul – we’ve loved getting to know you over the past four years and we look forward to getting to know you even better in the future. i need you to teach me how to cook those crazy quinoa grains and make black bean salad! Plus, we never got around to that make over! I’m still up for it.

    As donna has flown over to personally deliver all the loads of love coming from Melbourne I have been annointed as cup cake queen to make little cakes for the fund raiser. Having never made a cup cake in my life I have been liaising all day with only the best pasty chefs in Melbs and am confident I will be delivering a number of small masterpieces on icing come FUNDRAISLINN!!

    In the mean time we have a big van full of people coming to the exhibition to bid on lots of art and makes you sqillions of dollars to get you better so we can allll be together again!

    all our love and thoughts and prayers and kisses for you ais. You’re a star of a woman and can’t wait to see you again real soon! Chin up – we’re all gunning for you. love you honey – em xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Mel Wiese

    Hey Ais
    I have been thinking of you often for the last couple of years and am so glad to finally have found your blog so I can get back in touch.
    I think you’re extraordinary and that you write beautifully. I don’t really think there is any option but ‘brave’, but there’s brave enough for one, and then there’s brave enough to share with everyone and make them feel better, too. By sharing your experience and love with everyone who knows you and some who don’t, I think you’ve given people who are desperate to help you a way to feel included in what can be a very private journey. I think you’re redefining brave.
    I hope you can gather strength from all of us in return.
    Lots of love

  7. Gillian Robinson

    Hi Aislinn,

    I just read your story. A few other things to try for your path back to wellness:
    – Artemisisin – recommended by an oncologist for a natural drug to kill cancer (can get from US)
    – Australian Zeolite – can get from Roger Hobson website – . Roger has helped 100’s of people go into remission using high therapeutic doses of zeolite.

    My friend has just gone into remission following spread of breast cancer to liver, chest wall and spine. She did a combination of:
    – chemo pills
    – Zolodex
    – Tamoxifen
    – Gawler diet (high juicing and vegies)
    – Meditation
    – Yoga
    – Healers
    – Emotional release work
    – jerry and ester hicks
    It took her 10 months to get to an all clear position. YOU TOO can do this, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.

    I wish you well on your journey back to great health.

    All the best


  8. Christine

    Hi Aislinn, saw your article in the Leader and thought i’d check out your blog. Such a great read. Been wondering how you have been going since you told me about the bicarb treatment ages ago. You have a fantastic attitude and i wish you all the best over in Perth with your family.
    Christine from The Young Ones.

  9. Cass

    Hey Lovely Ais
    I’ve been thinking about you loads, and I was sad that the last few catch-ups I had with Matty you hadn’t been able to make it along. I’m in Canberra now, having a little break from Melbourne, but will lilely be heading back there early in 2010; given the nightlife here is so rubbish (and a distinct lack of decent cafes and coffee), I’ve been getting in gym and meditation – they they that people who move ot canbera either get really fit or alcoholic. I’m going with the first option! I’m also planng to do felting and a pottery course – must take advantage of being here, the arty aspect of our landlocked captial is actually not so bad – and the big galleries and museums are excellent too.
    I caught up with silly-man Ross and the lovely Renee in Tassie, and ‘Nee told me that you’d started a blog. What a fantastic read – you really are incredibly inspiring, having fought for so long and been so amazingly positive. We should all take a leaf out of your book! I love your snippets of wisdom, and the humour you develop in the face of your adversity – keep on trucking and bash through this thing so you can join us at Meredith again soon!
    I can’t make it to FUNDRAISLINN, but have checked out the artwork online and it all looks superb.
    In the mean time, I may get over to WA in the next couple of months, so will get in touch.
    Buckets of love and joy
    Cass xo

  10. Aimie Ellis

    Hi Aislinn

    You and beautiful souls like yours are the reason I do the work I do.

    Your strength of spirit, courage and wisdom is an inspiration to me and my friends (including family) and my promise to you is that I endeavour to do all I can, to raise funds to bring optimism and happiness to the lives of people such as yourself.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with me.

    I love you.

  11. Mum and Dad Ellis

    Dear Aislinn

    We are thinking of you constantly and caring for those around you.

    Love Paulene and Colin

  12. Bec & Shan

    Hi Aislinn,

    Just wanted to send our very best 30th birthday wishes across to you in WA for Wednesday. We’re off to Prahran tomorrow night for your auction, so will be thinking of you over the coming days and wishing we could give you a huge birthday hug.

    Lots of love,

    Bec, Shan and Gareth


  13. Laith McGregor

    Hello Aislinn,
    We haven’t met before, but I just wanted to write you a message to let you know that you are in my thoughts. I am looking forward to the exhibition tonight, It looks and sounds fantastic!!! i’m sure it will be great. Have a very Happy Birthday, i wish you the best, bestest, besto, bestido, BESTBEST…
    take care, thinking of you.

  14. Dave Roberts

    Hey Aislinn,

    Just saw the post on Campaign Brief blog, so forgive my late well wishes. Hope you’re keeping strong and if you’ve got some time it’d be great to see you when I’m over in Melbourne again before Christmas, my shout.


  15. alex sunday

    hi aislinn,
    i saw a post on blanket magazine about fundraislinn which is how i’ve ended up here. i hope the night went well and your birthday was celebrated by your friends in style and lots of money was raised. best wishes for today. i hope you manage to get out and enjoy some perth sunshine! thinking of you. alex

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