Dear friends of Aislinn

Hi Friends,

In case you didn’t know our beautiful aislinn passed away peacefully at 11.25 am Perth time on Tuesday the 6th of October.
We had a short, succient, service on Thursday with a Buddhist monk who Ais had meditated with and some simple short speeches then we released some doves. There was a lot of emotion in the room but the monk calmed everyone down and made all feel at ease. I know a lot of people would have liked to have been there but Aislinn really wanted Ajahn Brahm presided over the event leaving less than 48 hours to finalise the funeral arrangements. We know that those that couldn’t make will all be thinking of Aislinn where ever they are and hopefully getting support from those around them.
As you might know. a group of us had organised a event named “Fundraislinn” for Aislinn on the night of her passing in Melbourne. This event went ahead and people were told on the night as you could imagine there was a lot of tears but people were at least together in the same room when told and had each other to hold onto. It is times like this when we need some of Aislinns strength. The event ended up raising close to $30,000 and is testament to the amazing people that were drawn to her character and wanted to help ease a little of her burden. Funds raised will be used to pay off some medical/funeral expenses, find a way to best utilise the research that Aislinn had made into cancer treatments and towards the Cancer Support Network of WA.
Please keep checking this blog as we will be discussing Aislinns legacy and how we can use her research and funds that have been raised.
With Love, Matt

4 thoughts on “Dear friends of Aislinn

  1. Neil Andrews

    Thanks Matt,
    You have been fantastic throughout this trying time. And thanks to all the people involved in the Fundraislinn event, and to all of Aislinn’s friends. We aim to put all residuary funds raised towards assisting people faced with a diagnosis like Aislinn’s. This will form part of our lasting tribute to Aislinn, the work she did, and the people she has touched.
    Her brother,

  2. Aislinn's dad.

    There is an old Tusan saying: “La Vita e Une Comedia” – Life is a comedy. In her last weeks Aislinn and her brother and mother and I agreed that from then on Aislinn’s life would only be about smiles and laughter, and lots of it. Aislinn’s mother and brother and I honour all that Aislinn loved, valued, believed in and stood for. We deeply thank all that have supported Aislinn; doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, friends and family. You are truly wonderful.

    We thank God that Aislinn has been blessed with friends of such fine character as you have shown. Our faith in human goodness is increased. We have a sense of peace that Aislinn’s life is complete. Her breath still breathes in all those relationships and things she loved and valued. Her legacy continues.

    Thankyou. Lany, Mark and Neil Andrews.

  3. Aislinn's dad.

    It is time also that I thanked Matt for having been a most wonderful carer for Aislinn during her challenging years. A father couldn’t wish for a finer, more committed fiancee for his daughter. Thank you Matt. You’re a good man.

    Aislinn has connected a lot of people across Australia and around the world it seems. We honour those connections. We will stay connected.

    Mark Andrews

  4. Aislinn Martin

    As a fellow Aislinn of the same age and living in the same area, I first read about Aislinn’s story in the local newspaper. I am sad to read of Aislinn’s passing and want to pass on all my good wishes to her family and friends for their courage and support.

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